It’s something only a brother and sister can explain — particularly when one gives the other a car — he initially bought for himself, upgraded every inch of it and when it was finally done he gave it away free.

Rajveer Kumar, 26, gave away one of his prized possessions to his sister as a gift simply because she asked him for it. And it was his way to show his love and commemorate rakshan bandan — he did not hesitate to grant her wishes.

Rhakshan bandan is a celebration of relationships between brothers and sisters commonly practised by Fijians of Indian descent. A special Hindu festival that symbolises the love between a brother and a sister.

Rajveer had harboured the passion of modifying his very own car. Until finally he had the money he purchased the vehicle and spent a substantial amount of cash to get it modified to his satisfaction.

He equipped the car with an engine he bought from Ebay, upgraded it with a full set of aftermarket bodykits, 18-inch mag wheels, adjustables, and a beautiful matte finish gold painted (goldy).

It cost him $6500 for modification works.

“My sister had one look and wanted it, it was the first time she asked me for something and I was happy to give her one of my priced possessions,” he said.

Rajveer is a car enthusiasts, he has owned three cars. He is self-employed as a tint technician operating under Tint n Designs Fiji. He works mostly on cars and also caters for offices and households as well. He stumbled upon this skill with his dad.

His dad taught him a lot about cars and parts and it was in Form 5 when he realised what he wanted to do. He took a leap to establish his business which has been good so far and soon he was able to pursue another passion of modifying his wown car.

The street legal hybrid is more an economical family car with busting speeds of up to 180km. He said he bought the car from Autoworld in Vatuwaqa and later thought to do something.

It took two weeks to put his ride together. Rajveer said he did put attend a Fiji Car Club shows won himself Best Hybrid.

“Well for me it’s best to have patience in whatever you do. My best mate Mofeed Ali owns Stylez Painting in Nakasi worked hard to give this car a good look. Those tensions plus ups and downs have made a better look for my ride,” he said.

In the end he gifted it to his sister. When asked about his next project, he says “Well I’m not like others who dream to own a Lamborgini or Mustang – for me I just wish to own a Honda Accord euro.

“like I said, in anything you do, do it with patience and don’t do anything else that may stray you away from your dreams.

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