Models demonstrate realities

Maureen Sharif (left) and Sophie Adams during the Far From Frozen showcase at Suva City Library yesterday. Picture: RAMA

“WE have different interactive displays and each one of them can speak a different impact of climate change.”

These were the words of Otago Museum Science engagement manager Natalie Wierdak during the official opening of the “Far from Frozen” climate change exhibition at the Suva City Carnegie Library yesterday.

The showcase comprises scientific experiments, model displays of ice in Antarctica, 3D glasses virtual reality to experience life in the Antarctica, virtual reality sand box displaying the effects of massive rainfall in low lying areas as well as charts showing the impacts of climate change.

“With our virtual reality sand box we can demonstrate what can happen when there is a little bit of rain and what happens when we have lots and lots of rain,” she said.

“I get the kids to put their hands out which represent little clouds and we will see how the water behaves on land and in the water. From that we observe that the houses at the lower point are more vulnerable to flooding which can happen due to continuous heavy rainfall.”

Ms Wierdak added that every model created was hands-on experience so children could build their own landscape and observe how water behaved and what could happen when there was heavy rain.

“We also have another model that speaks of what will happen when the ice in Antarctica starts to melt due to the excessive emission of greenhouse gases. It shows how coastal areas are prone to flooding when sea level rises.

“Hands-on experiment for kids that shows ocean acidification and how it affects coral reefs and even disturbs the food cycle in the ocean.”

These models do not only show the impacts of climate change but in an interactive, accessible and fun way.

Otago Museum science communicator Sophie Adams said the interactive models were a great way for kids to learn.

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