Mobile payment option to increase access to airline’s services

Vodafone's Shailendra Prasad (left) and Fiji Airways General Manager Corporate Communications Shane Hussein at the M-Paisa air fare booking launch in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

STARTING Monday, customers of Fiji’s national airline will be able to book their flight tickets, pay for flights and excess baggage and other services through their M-PAiSA platform.

This has been made possible after a new partnership between Fiji Airways and Vodafone Fiji.

Fiji Airways general manager corporate communications, Shane Hussein said the MPAiSA platform would open up Fiji Airways and Fiji Link flights to Fijians in even the most remote locations.

“Fijians make up 20 per cent of our passenger numbers, and through MPAiSA, we believe that this number will grow,” he said.

Mr Hussein said the alternative payment options would now provide a farmer in Rakiraki, a fisherman in Taveuni, a hotel worker in the Yasawas, the ability to make a flight reservation through their 24/7 Reservations Call Centre and pay for it through their MPAiSA account.

Fiji Airways managing director and CEO Andre Viljoen said: “We are delighted to offer our customers a payment option in the form of M-PAiSA to pay for flights, excess baggage, and other services on both Fiji Airways and Fiji Link.

“Through the 24/7 M-PAiSA payment system, customers no longer have to queue at banks or wait for our sales offices to open. We are very pleased with the way Vodafone Fiji has set up the M-PAiSA system, with hundreds of M-PAiSA agents available at located all over Fiji.”

Head of Vodafone eCommerce and acting chief marketing officer Shailendra Prasad said they were delighted to work with the national airline to be able to provide this convenient service to the people of Fiji.

“Many of our mutual customers are travelers on Fiji Airways and Fiji Link.

“And sometimes this travel may have to be undertaken at short notice, for instance, injuries, illnesses and unfortunately, death.

“During such times of personal emergency, this service will allow customers to book a ticket and pay for it straight away, thereby confirming their travel arrangements. “Furthermore, the service is available free of charge to the public.

“The M-PAiSA payment is also cost-effective compared to using a credit card wherein you are levied an additional 3 per cent surcharge on top of the ticket price.”

The M-PAiSA payment works in the following, simple steps: Customers will call the Fiji Airways Reservations Centre on 6720 888 or 3304 388 at any time to book a domestic or an international travel ticket, to buy pre-paid excess baggage or for changes to existing tickets.

Once booked, customers will receive a booking reference number known as the ‘PNR’ and the payment amount required.

The customer uses the PNR reference number to complete the payment via Vodafone’s M-PAiSA mobile payment platform by dialing *181# to make the payment from anywhere and at any time.