Missing school

Years back my children attended a prominent primary school in Lautoka.

If a student was absent, she had to produce a letter from her parent the following day. Students stayed behind only for genuine reasons.

Whenever we take a trip to Suva, on our way we come across children going to school after nine. It has been surprising to notice children staying back from school just a week or two after the first term holidays this year.

Their reason states that after the internal examination, they are supposed to stay home.

This also happened the whole of the previous year. Maybe, this is one of the reasons that 10,000 children aren’t in school on a daily basis.

I wonder how many days they are away from school besides public holidays and if syllabuses are completed in time.

Furthermore, only parents remain the pillar of encouragement to ensure their children are regular to school. And teachers know best why students are advised to stay home after their internal examination.

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