Miracle water

From the benefit of hindsight, I was rather intrigued and amazed when I first read and heard of the Natadradave miracle healing water.

Interestingly enough, multitudes from all walks of life trod on to the turf on a daily basis.

In my view, many of them were profoundly convinced the miracle healing water had made super recoveries as it redeemed a new lease of life for sick patients 24/7.

Allow me, if I may share another incredible story, related mainly to coconut medicated oil that apparently connotes with the Fijian proverbs “yaga vaka niu, sega e biu” metaphorically denoted to the usefulness of the coconut tree, as nothing is wasted.

Not only in Fiji, coconut is probably the most useful plant in the Pacific with its different uses numbering in the hundreds, every part from the roots to the crown being valued.

In retrospect, I met a man from Bua, who mentioned for the past three years he once noticed that he was losing fragments of his hair, actually his better half as an expert in modifying and expert in extracting coconut oil decided to engage the man with virgin oil.

I thought to myself whether this was just another joke from the man of Bua, but at that moment during our roundabout meeting I witnessed and saw with my eyes that his hair was still intact although silky and grayish in colour.

I therefore came to the conclusion that the Alpha and Omega still reign as the holy word enticed to it (Gen 18:14). Is anything too hard for the Lord?

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