Minivan driver wanted all of his passengers out first

The Minivan which was involved in an accident at Nabou, Sigatoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

NEMANI Bukayawa Bulitavu told his congregation at their Sunday service yesterday that his son, Tomasi Bulitavu, was a better man than him.

The grieving father told the emotional crowd that the minivan driver had served with kindness in his heart until his last breathe.

Speaking from his home in Nadi yesterday, Pastor Bulitavu said emergency officials informed his family that Tomasi wanted all of his passengers out of the minivan first before they tended to him.

Tomasi was the driver of the minivan that was involved in a horrific accident at Nabou in Nadroga on Saturday that killed six people.

“When they told me what Tomasi did, I knew that his heart was in the right place,” he said.

“He had a heart of God which is what we all strive to have while living on this earth. “In church today (yesterday), I told our congregation that he surpassed me in that he touched more lives.

“He was a hidden disciple who worked quietly by touching people’s lives through his kindness and caring nature.

“He was a family man and a family member.”

He said the 27-year-old was a father to three young children who have yet to feel their father’s loss.

“We feel peace in knowing that Tom was a good person. He served his family, his children and his church well.”

He said his promise to take his wife, Losana Uluinadi and their three kids, Lora, 4, Manasa, 2, and four month old Ratu Tui Nakarawa for pizza was still fulfilled by his partner.

“Before he left he told his wife they would have pizza for dinner. “Last night, she took their kids for pizza because she wanted to fulfil his promise to their children.”

Pastor Bulitavu said the family were grateful for Tomasi’s life and had accepted what had happened.

“Life is short. All you can do while living on earth is to ensure your heart and spirit are in the right place. That you give God your life and heart the way Tomasi did.”

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