Ministry works to locate alternative water sources

Forestry Minister Inia Seruiratu. Picture: PARLIAMENT OF FIJI

Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Inia Seruiratu says the ministry is working to bring in the right technologies to locate alternative water sources.

He highlighted this in Parliament last week when responding to a question raised by Opposition MP Lynda Tabuya on the issue faced by the people in Daku and on Kia Island.

The villagers travelled to Labasa by boat to get their water supply.

In response, Mr Seruiratu said there was a separate allocation at the ministry for emergency water, particularly during this dry period.

“For the Western Division, we are carting water to Vatulele, Malolo and even some villages in Yasawa and, of course, likewise in the Northern Division as well.

“So, the four divisional commissioners know their hotspot areas, if I may say, when it comes to prolonged dry periods,” he said.

“There are, unfortunately, some places that are quite difficult in terms of finding alternative sources and, particularly for the islands, probably desalination plants but we have to bring in the right technologies for that.

“So, we are working with all stakeholders.”

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