Ministry severs assistance

THE Ministry of Social Welfare has severed assistance to members who have been part of their financial assistance scheme for the past 10 years.

This was revealed by the department’s representative to the Nadogo district meeting at Nasasa Village in Wainikoro, Meli Tailau, who added the ministry was of the view that those recipients should now be in a stable position to look after themselves.

Mr Tailau said those recipients were expected to be independent by now instead of relying solely on the assistance from the ministry. He also raised a serious concern on family members of recipients who were still living off the money for recipients long after they passed away.

Mr Tailau said families had a duty to inform the ministry if any of those recipients had passed away, adding that those still living on their deceased relative’s assistance money were actually stealing.

According to Mr Tailau, this was an offence and those caught would be dealt with to recover the money that they had used illegally.

Mr Tailau said village headmen had an important role in communicating this sort of information to their office.

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