Ministry seeks assistance from the Auckland City Council

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Premila Kumar. Picture: RAMA/FILE

THE Local Government Ministry has engaged the Auckland City Council to assist its counterpart in Suva become a more streamlined and effective service provider.

This was the word from Local Government Minister Premila Kumar in Parliament yesterday.

She made the comment in response to a question to a question from Opposition parliamentarian Simione Rasova.

“There is a wide range of contractors that undertake council work, the councils use contractors for capital projects and for service related work such as grass cutting and waste collection.

“The special administrators at Fiji’s municipal councils have been tightening service agreements and contracts to ensure that the contract itself is sound and clearly written with no ambiguity so that performance can be monitored.

“We know that there is a lot to improve in these areas and have sought the assistance of Auckland City Council to coach and mentor Suva City Council management on better procurement processes, scrutinising and tightening up asset management and building contracts and re-designing guidelines to effectively monitor service contracts.”

Ms Kumar said the team from Auckland City Council has been regularly visiting Suva City Council.

“And this is a pilot project where documents will be drawn up and knowledge will be shared and once the work at SCC will be completed, we will use that information and roll it out to the other 12 municipal councils.”

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