Ministry: Pet theft will be dealt with

Cats at SPCA. Picture: FILE

People who steal pets to make a quick buck by selling them will be taken to task, states the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In a public notice, the ministry warned that anyone engaged in the cruel, inhumane and illegal activity would be dealt with by the law.

“When you steal other people’s pets, you’re not only hurting their families, but you also traumatise the poor animals who can’t speak for themselves,” the statement read.

“Families who lose their pets feel as though they have lost a valuable member of their family, while their pets find it hard to understand why they are suddenly among strangers.

“If you steal pets to sell them or for the reward money, then know that you will face dire consequences with the law.

“There are many other ways to earn a decent living, get in touch with our ministry to find out how you can join our training centres to learn a professional trade or life skill.”

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