Ministry outlines work on settlement upgrade

THE Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources is working on the second phase of developments of settlements in Navua.

The second phase includes water reticulation works, earthworks (levelling and filling), construction of proper roads, drainage and communal septic tanks, and installation of electricity.

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya revealed this while responding to a question from Opposition MP Jiosefa Dulakiverata on whether the Government had issued a registered lease or notice of approval of lease to these settlers.

Mr Koya said the ministry had issued a total of 318 approval notices of lease in the three divisions which Navua fell under.

“The Prime Minister issued 68 approval notices in Navua to the following settlements; Naitata (35), Vakacegu (25), Tokotoko (4) and Wainidevo (4). This benefitted 68 families and the total cost to Government for the above settlements which includes survey and other administrations was $33,329.68.”

Mr Koya said the issuance of leases would help settlers security of tenure, access to infrastructure, improved living standards and access to lending institutions.

He said the ministry would continue the same modus operandi with respect to all the informal settlements being regularised throughout the country.

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