Ministry of Mums campaigns against illegal meth use

Mothers and supporters of the Ministry for Mums attend their first event yesterday at the Fiji Museum. Picture: JONA KONATACI

MORE than 10 mothers gathered at the Fiji Museum in Suva today in their bid to raise awareness about the increasing illegal use of methamphetamine and other hard drugs in the country.

Known as the Ministry of Mums, the ‘Meth Awareness Picnic’ would now be a monthly event.

Organiser Ellana Kalounisiga said mothers were the most influential figures to their children and could create awareness in their homes and to members of the public.

“Our goal is to first create awareness among youths by getting out into the community and share information,” Ms Kalounisiga said.

The group is also working towards the establishment of a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts.

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