Ministry: Issues raised by FTU are ‘baseless’

Fiji Teachers Union General Secretary Agni Deo Singh. Picture: RAMA/FILE

Issues raised by the Fiji Teachers Union (FTU) are just another “hollow” and “baseless” attempt to criticise and attack the Government, states the Education Ministry.

The ministry made the comment after FTU general secretary Agni Deo Singh crticised the ministry on Monday for asking teachers to report to work while there was extensive flooding.

“The Ministry of Education, Heritage And Arts is perplexed by comments by the Fiji Teachers Union (FTU) on why teachers unaffected by flooding were asked to come back to school,” a statement from the ministry read.

According to the statement, unaffected teachers were asked to report to work, just the same as other unaffected civil servants who were also at work.

“Teachers are civil servants and as such, the rules that apply to civil servants apply to them.

“The ministry’s advice was very clear that those affected can stay and work from home.

“FTU needs to understand civil servants’ duty of care to the nation, and that all civil servants are treated equally.”

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