Ministry helps youth group

Members of the Nasesara Youth group with the yaqona cuttings they received from the Youth Ministry. Picture: SUPPLIED

YOUTHS of Nasesara on Moturiki in Lomaiviti now have another avenue of generating income.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports gave 4000 yaqona cuttings to the Nasesara Youth Group last week in a quest to empower their members and lift their living standards.

The youth group will soon embark on a farming drive they hope will be beneficial to its members and the village.

Group president Makisi Tamanitoakula acknowledged the assistance provided by the ministry.

He said the members of the group were surprised to be assisted by the ministry.

“We never expected our request to be considered by the ministry, we just wrote a request letter for yaqona cuttings and within three weeks we heard that it was approved,” he said.

“This is indeed a morale booster for us and with the support of Government we are confident of the success of our upcoming project when we launch it on June 28.”

Mr Tamanitoakula said the youth group not only hoped to generate income from their project, but also create a sustainable project that could meet the demand of the market.

“We are aware of the demand of the market and our strategy includes one where we can provide a sustainable project that can meet this demand and to ensure the longevity of our group’s agro businesses.”

The launch will see each of the 23 group members plant 500 yaqona plants, 500 dalo plants, 200 cassava mounds with other traditional root crops and vegetables for food security.

“While farming for the group project, we also intend to ensure that we ourselves are benefiting by planting various root crop and vegetables for our own consumption knowing that yaqona, dalo and cassava are long-term crops.”

Mr Tamanitoakula said the group members had taken it upon themselves to ensure their community would also benefit from the project in terms of income generation for their individual households and in development projects within their community.

“Our Nasesara Village community is at the forefront of our vision for development and one of the most important aspects of the project when launched is to ensure that each family benefits from it through income generation and to implement development projects within our village that we can all benefit from.” |

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