Ministry calls on derelict vessel owners for removal

Derelict ships at Lami Bay. Picture: FT FILE

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Waterways and Environment Joshua Wycliffe is calling upon owners of derelict vessels to remove them from the harbour.

He said this was not only harming the ocean where it was wrecked but the surrounding environment communities and marine life was also being impacted.

“So this is my plea to the owners of those derelict vessels to come and remove them otherwise the department will be in a situation very soon to be able to take forceful action,” he said.

Mr Wycliffe said the department and the Ministry of Environment together had engaged with the key stakeholders who hold the responsibilities and the accountability in being able to rectify the solution.

“I have personally spoken to the port’s, we are also involving the MSAF, the director of environment had a very important meeting with the stakeholders a couple of weeks ago to discuss this particular issue and a way forward.

“This week, we will be having another round of meetings to be able to resolve this matter,” he said.

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