Ministry assess drain damage

ENGINEERS from the Ministry of Waterways have completed the flood assessment of drains damaged by Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni in the North.

A statement from the Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy said a team of engineers were on stand-by for the past three days to lessen the negative effects of flood in Labasa.

“Our team of engineers and I came to Labasa on Monday morning and mobilised three teams on the ground,” said Dr Reddy.

“The three-day of scoping works in the Labasa Division flood-prone area has been concluded and contracts for works were assigned.

“Debris have now been cleared in: Nasuva Creek, Nasuva Creek upstream Basoga, upstream Qawa River, Dreketilailai upstream of Qawa, Bangladesh Bulileka, Lovelove Creek and Vunika Creek.

“Our team of technical officers flushed out important culvert mouths and outfall structures which were clogging up in Batanikama, Siberia, Korowiri storm drain, Wailevu storm drain, Wailevu Rice Mill, Saint Augustine’s school culvert, Vunika culvert, Korovatu floodgate and Naseakula floodgate.”

Dr Reddy said in addition their team were monitoring the Wailevu River, Naseakula River, Labasa River and Qawa River on Tuesday where no river flooding was reported.

“We are working together with Northern Commissioner to alleviate negative effects of outflow of water,” he said.

“The whole aim of our engineers was to identify the acute areas and strategic plans are underway to reduce duration of flooding in extreme events.”

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