Minister urges disaster preparation ahead of time

START your flood and cyclone preparations now and do not wait for the last minute, says Local Government Minister Parveen Kumar.

“It will only take you one day to prepare but it will take you weeks or even months to recover if you leave it too late and fall victim to floodwater or cyclonic winds,” he said.

Mr Kumar issued the warning in the wake of a weather forecast by the Fiji Meteorological Service that a low pressure system could affect the Western Division this weekend. The minister added that people should have learnt lessons from Tropical Cyclone Josie, a Category 1 cyclone which claimed five lives last Sunday.

Floodwater associated with Josie swept through the west inundating homes, destroying plantations and closing down major urban centres.

“My message to the people is this ; you cannot take any weather event lightly.

“Every warning or announcement issued by the Fiji Met Service or National Disaster Management office must be taken seriously.

“We urge people living in the North and West to prepare themselves as the low pressure system heads towards Fiji this weekend.”

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