Minister refutes claims of no unloading zone

Local Government and Housing Minister Parveen Kumar. Picture: FT FILE

MINISTER for Local Government Parveen Kumar has refuted claims of the unavailability of an unloading zone at the MaxVal-u supermarket in Labasa.

Responding to claims made by concerned members of the public, Mr Kumar said there was an unloading zone beside the supermarket.

Mr Kumar said the supermarket personnel were aware of this.

“People should stop making issues up and at least raise their concerns with the municipal councils,” he said.

Meanwhile, concerns had been raised to this newspaper about the congested area behind the supermarket which was widely used by members of the public in the town area.

Karalaini Bulewa said the area was a hazard to shoppers at the supermarket because of traffic congestion, particularly trucks unloading cargo.

Ms Bulewa said trucks took up space in the busy back road which was used regularly by shoppers to access other shops along Naseakula Rd.
“At times, vehicles even queue in the back road, making movement difficult,” she said.

Another member of the public, Sairusi Tagibau, said the supermarket and municipal council should work together to provide a spacious and safe area for trucks to unload their cargo.