Minister disappointed with staff

Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy. Picture: ANISH CHAND/FILE

“I am very disappointed, very disappointed,” said Agriculture Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy as he sought an explanation from his staff on why tractors from outside weren’t arranged to plough farmers’ land in Rakiraki.

At a talanoa session, farmer Ravindra Gounder told Dr Reddy he had already paid for two ploughing.

“The tractor here has a breakdown. Why is it not being repaired? We are facing a lot of problem with ploughing our land. We want to know what is the problem. Is there no money. The tractor has been parked,” he said.

In giving a reply, principal agriculture officer West Vinesh Kumar said they were arranging for private tractors to plough the land.

“This morning you didn’t tell me that. I told you this morning we are now engaging private sector tractors. I said everyone knows, you said everyone knows and now you telling me there is a LPO issue,” said Dr Reddy in reply.

He assured the farmers if the Agriculture Ministry tractor is not working, they will outsource the job.

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