Minister acknowledges threat to marine resources

Minister for Fisheries Semi Koroilavesau. Picture: FILE

World Fisheries Day is our acknowledgment of these threats to our oceans, seas and associated marine resources, and that this challenge is assuming critical proportions.

Minister for Fisheries Semi Koroilavesau said this in honour of World Fisheries Day yesterday.

“The conversation on fisheries will not be complete without stating a few emerging issues that will, inevitably, affect us all,” he said.

“They include, but are not limited to, pressure from an increasing population and urbanisation will lead to increasing demand for food that could result in overfishing.”

He said other issues included unplanned infrastructure development which could cause coastal pollution, land reclamation which contributed to the loss of fish habitats, more efficient fishing technology that could accelerate the loss of targeted fish stocks and the threat of climate change on fisheries, which also threatened species’ diversity.

“Fisheries scientists in the world have revealed the true status of our ocean and associated fisheries resources and the verdict is persisting global overfishing trends and continuous decline in natural resource status and productivity.

“It is true that we have reached the tipping point and we must act now to reverse this grave trend.”

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