Miller needs to do value-adding

Cane farmer Anirudh Sharma raises an issue at the sugar consultation in Labasa yesterday. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE Fiji Sugar Corporation needs to do value-adding, says Wailevu farmer Anirudh Sharma.

At a sugar consultation in Labasa yesterday, Mr Sharma said since the time of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company, FSC had not done any value-adding projects.

“FSC, since it started as CSR, has not done any progress to date. Why?

“From the very first day it started, they have made crystal sugar until today,” he said.

“Why can’t we do value-adding?

“We can do brewery and or have a sugar refinery and we can do a lot of things and sell at a double price.”

Mr Sharma also asked the FSC to inform farmers about the sale of molasses.

“All farmers want to know where our molasses are sold because according to our knowledge, it fetches a very good price,” he said.

“But we have never known how much it is sold for and how much we get from it.

“Farmers should be given a breakdown and we make up 70 per cent of shareholders in this industry, so tell the farmers this information.”

FSC chief executive officer Graham Clark said the issue of value-adding was a good one.

“In the area of value-adding, it is obviously an area that needs to be looked at, but why it has not been looked at in the past, I don’t know,” Mr Clark said.

“But obviously, Fiji has high quality of sugar and we need to look at this in the policy so we look at refinery, which I agree and you are quite right that we need to look at value-adding.

“The Fiji molasses are sold to the best markets in the world like the Caribbean and we sell at a very good price.

“They use it to make Caribbean rum.”

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