Milk, cereal and textbooks

STUDENTS of Tuvuca Village School on Vanuabalavu, Lau, received a timely boost on Monday after they were given their 250ml milk and cereal.

For schools in the outer islands, this free initiative was something every school looked forward to since its announcement.

The school that has six Year 1 students, eating cereal with milk during recess time was something they could only imagine and dream of.

School assistant head teacher Navaulini Vasua said they were the first school in the Lau Group to be provided and supplied with the textbooks and the milk.

Mr Vasua said ever since school started this year, the Year 1 students had been asking whether they would receive their free milk too.

“I teach the Class One students and now that the milk has been delivered, their questions have been answered and they won’t have a chance to complain,” he said.

He said the supply brought by the Ministry of Education was for 75 days.

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