Military tests new canon

A MOCK drill exercise for the Fiji Day celebration was conducted by the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces soldiers at Albert Park and the Queen Elizabeth’s Barracks yesterday.

The trained soldiers had a chance to use the six 105mm artillery gun for the first time during the trial exercise in front of the Commander of the RFMF Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga, senior military officers and Korean officers in Nabua.

RFMF Chief of Staff and Land Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho said the testing exercise was in preparation for the 21 gun salute for the Fiji Day celebration.

“The 21 gun salute is an old military tradition that was taken on when Fiji was part of the Commonwealth and it is only done during special occasions,” Lt-Col Qiliho said.

“The guns have been known to be used during the Korean War and also the Second World War and it has been modified to what we have now.”

He said the guns were used by countries such as the US during combat.

“The old guns could be used as monuments or used in the museum as it has its own history, but we haven’t decided on what we will do with it yet.

“The Korean military training team has been really impressed with the level of training of the soldiers in conducting the drills.

“The drill is a combination of the Korean military drill and the RFMF ceremonial drills and we had to modify our old drills from the old 25 pounder guns to the new artillery guns use.”

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