Military reaction

Monday’s The Fiji Times front page titled, “No threat, says RFMF” made a thought provoking read.

That the RFMF has to continue to come on record to assure the Fijian people they will uphold the law of the country and accept the results of the 2018 General Election should not be the case.

I believe that the RFMF should refrain from making any statements regarding the elections or when political movements/parties tussle with each other with words of war as the Fiji vote approaches.

We live in a democracy but every time the RFMF appears in the news I believe it creates a foul smell for some people because of the dark shadows of its past.

I believe our military, while doing commendable work as peacekeepers in overseas territories, do not have the same impact at home, politically that is.

Tuesday’s (18/7) The Fiji Times had a former soldier apologising and seeking forgiveness for his sins during the 2000 turmoil.

In his sixties, the man spent time in jail for his deeds but is now a changed person.

Reconciliation and forgiveness is the way forward, according to him.

Unfortunately, coups are part of Fiji’s history. It will remain like that. I do not wish for it to have any part in Fiji’s future.

I think we should not underestimate coups’ impact on the lives of so many people because there are people among us who were scarred so bad they are hurting to this day.

I believe some people get intimidated when the RFMF appears in the news. It is a fact.

What I am saying is that the RFMF should know its place in the modern Fiji.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the Army Bears for the win!

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