Military called to bring calm

PORT MORESBY, – Emergency controller in Papua New Guinea, Dr William Hamblin has issued orders under provisions of the Emergency Act to the military to immediately bring the security situation in Tari under control.

“The situation in Tari has deteriorated to a point where the lives of relief workers, public servants and the public are in danger. This situation makes a continued relief effort impossible,” he said.

Dr Hamblin authorised the defence force to mobilise appropriate forces to “immediately bring the security situation in Tari and surrounding area under control using all reasonable force.” He said the soldiers would “arrest any person carrying an offensive weapon and or gathering in groups likely to cause affray.

“These offenders are to be dispatched by armed escort to Mt Hagen where they are to be charged and held pending prosecution,” he said.

Dr Hamblin also authorised the soldiers to maintain sufficient presence in the area to ensure there were no further outbreaks of criminal violence.

He sanctioned the police and army to set up roadblocks to prevent the return or transport of persons within the affected area who are suspected of participating in the violent activity.

Meanwhile, Tari Pori MP James Marape has warned warring tribes in Tari town to stop fighting now or face the consequences of the law.

“I will now spend greater efforts including invoking powers within the provisions of the law to ensure these gun-toting criminals do not win over the majority of the people who want peace like every human being,” he said.

“For my political opponents and opportunists who think they will tire me to give up and continue to fuel tribal conflicts, I will resolve to better my strategies in all sense.”

He also warned his supporters who still possessed guns to cease their criminal activities.

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