Methodist Women’s Fellowship plans home

THE Methodist Women’s Fellowship is planning to construct a home that will house its members and the elderly.

This was confirmed by the secretary for Methodist Women’s Department, Salanieta Naucabalavu, while speaking at the Methodist Women’s Fellowship fundraising dinner held at the Holiday Inn on Friday night.

Ms Naucabalavu said since they were celebrating their 70th year anniversary this year, they were planning to put seed money for a house that would be built in few years’ time.

“This building will house our single girls who come from the islands to study, work in the Suva area and also to provide a home for the elderly,” Ms Naucabalavu said.

“We are taking up this opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day that we could not celebrate in time. We are also having a fundraising dinner for the department.

“We are looking to collect around $5000. These funds will be used for the various projects in our office and especially since we are a faith-based organisation, for the spiritual learning of our women.”

She said women still continued to face relationship problems with men and they were trying to overcome this hurdle by having workshops together.

She said the fellowship had about 22,000 members Fiji wide.

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