Methodist Church festival of praise begins in Suva

The Dudley Intermediate School choir at Furnival Park in Toorak, Suva. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

THE 2018 Festival of Praise for the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma began today at the Furnival park, Toorak, in Suva.

In an interview, Reverend Wilfred Regunamada, the church’s Secretary for Communication and Overseas Mission, said the Festival of Praise began this morning with the choir singing by the primary and secondary schools.

Rev Wifred said the official opening for the church conference would be held tomorrow where the Methodist youth choirs would be singing as well.

He said a program tomorrow evening – Youths Arise for Christ program from 5pm – 6pm will be coordinated by the youth branch of the church and all youths from other denominations are invited to attend.

“The choir singing will continue from Monday next week. It will be a whole week of singing and soli,” Rev Wifred said.

He said the theme for the church conference this year is ‘Making the Methodist Drua Shipshape’.

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