Meth labs

POLICE are wary of small-scale overnight labs believed to be used to manufacture methamphetamine in the country. Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said small-scale producers had also been arrested in recent weeks with regards to meth production.

“The lab for methamphetamine, the bigger structure lab, we don’t have that,” he said.

“What we are worried about now is the small, overnight labs that people are using. There are a lot of arrests on meth recently of small-scale producers, but given the trend or arrests that we are having now, we would like to be on top of all these things.”

According to Mr Tudravu, Fiji had recorded an increase in the domestic availability of methamphetamine.

“While on a smaller scale, the seizures made to date warrants the need to strengthen intel gathering between local and international agencies.”

He said while he could not confirm the value of the meth industry, agencies needed to be aware of the possible movement of the illicit substances across borders via sea and air.

“We also need to be aware of the new manufacturing trends. I think our border agencies are working very well in detecting things that are coming from abroad in Fiji, whether as a transit or if they are selling meth over to Fiji. I can see that our border agencies are working together and there have been a few arrests recently.”

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