Meth is not a joke, it’s a dangerous drug, says ASP Masitabua

A bag containing the hard drug Methamphetamine. Picture: FT FILE

METHAMPHETAMINE is not a joke and is one of the dangerous drugs in Fiji.

This was stressed by the officer-in-charge at the Police Criminal Investigations Department’s (CID) Drug Unit, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Anare Masitabua while addressing some staff members of Kasabias in Suva yesterday.

He said when someone was hooked up with drugs, it would be difficult for them to come away from it.

“I have always warned people about the side effects. When you are hooked on meth, you will jump to marijuana and get back to meth because marijuana cannot be rated against meth,” ASP Masitabua said.

“Meth is the most dangerous drug in the country.”

ASP Masitabua also said when craving for more methamphetamine hit, the abuser often became suicidal.

“I am actually happy to come here and discuss this with you, we are on the process of our action plan against meth and this was one of the topics that were discussed in January by all the commissioners in the Pacific.”

Kasabias national marketing manager Nitnesh Chandra said yesterday’s session was the first time for Kasabias to actually create awareness on drugs and its effects.

“At the end of the day, it is about each and everyone,” Mr Chandra said.

He said it was pivotal to raise awareness and combat the use of illicit drugs in the country.

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