Message in the music

POLICING through musical acts brings members of the community and police together, says director community policing Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Waqa Cavuilati.

SSP Cavuilati said the use of music strengthened the work between people and police.

“Most youths and villagers have that negative mentality where they look at police as their enemy,” he said.

SSP Cavuilati said police outreach through music, such as the recent one held in Cakaudrove, was able to change the mind-sets and attitude of most villagers.

“The music outreach is part of our one-week community policing. We re­a­­­ch out to villages and co­­mmu­ni­ties through music,” he said. “Through this outreach we were able to inform villagers and communities that we are partners in crime prevention.

“With this outreach we have managed to strengthen our relationship between them and us.”

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