Mercy flight guide

Aircraft maintenance engineer Navneet Prasad guides a helicopter taking off in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND/FILE

The Robinson 44 helicopter is considered unsuitable for mercy flights and should not undertake such flights, states the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji.

The Standards Document — Mercy Flights released by CAAF on July 17 also says a mercy flight should not be undertaken unless the pilot-in-command held a valid professional pilot licence (commercial pilot or higher licence), states CAAF.

“A mercy flight shall not be undertaken when alternative means of transportation or relief is available to the patient or person concerned”

CAAF says a flight cannot be taken if the crew and other occupants of the mercy flights will be exposed to undue hazard as a result of the flight. For a night flight, CAAF requires the aircraft be equipped with all necessary instruments.

“Night mercy flights for fixed wing aircraft shall only be flown from an airfield equipped with serviceable runway lights to an airfield so similarly equipped, with an approved published instrument approach.

“A helicopter may in extremis, depart from an approved Helicopter Landing Site and be restricted to the nearest airport equipped with serviceable runway lights, except where the Helicopter Landing Site is approved for night operations, by the Authority,” states CAAF.

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