Mental health awareness

GREATER emphasis will be placed on community education and understanding as well as individual treatment for mental health patients, says Empower Pacific’s chief executive officer Patrick Morgam.

And to expand the reach of counselling services, Mr Morgam said Empower Pacific officials would travel out to rural communities and settlements.

“An informed community is in a better position to provide support to people in need and encourage early professional treatment if needed,” he said.

“Empower Pacific’s own services are located in the three (Lautoka, Suva, Labasa) main hospitals in Fiji.

“But more importantly we also travel to smaller hospitals and other locations to ensure our counselling clients are not disadvantaged in their access to services.”

Mr Morgam said people suffering from mental health disorders needed the support of all members of the community.

“Mental health clients will need the understanding and care of their family, friends and community if they are to avoid recurring mental issues.

“In our case, we often refer clients to social workers to look at their whole situation. We cannot expect people to fully recover if they keep returning to the same problems.”

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