Meningococcal warnings

The meningococcal outbreak continues to spread.

A school has been closed until further notice.

Four students from the school are admitted in hospital.

A MoH response team gathers data at the school on this life threatening disease.

There are many unanswered questions.

Why weren’t any awareness campaigns done in 2016 when the disease was supposedly first detected in Fiji?

Why weren’t preventative measures put in place then?

Why weren’t the necessary vaccines obtained before the announcement of the outbreak?

Since the rather expensive vaccines are with some pharmaceutical companies, are the people expected to buy their own?

How many lives will the country lose before those responsible start doing what they are paid to do; beginning with the nation-trotting, often-photographed minister Rosy Akbar.

Is it a sad example of what the A-G described in The Fiji Times of ? ” We tell them what to do, a lot of them don’t actually do their job properly”.

I submit that such a description by the A-G would equally apply to government ministers.

The A-G has already blamed some health workers for problems in the ministry.

Maybe he needs to speak to the line minister too.

While waiting for the A-G to speak to ministers, I have this to say to our very well paid Minister for Health.

The meningococcal situation is not so cozy, Rosy; I suggest that you be frank with Frank; If the going is too tough and you’re in a tight corner; Why not hand over the reigns to Alex O’Connor?

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