Meningococcal awareness

I believe less awareness was done on this outbreak compared with dengue and other outbreaks.

We need more medical advice on TV, social media, newspapers and posters and banners everywhere in order to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

I got a clear view of meningococcal through our Prime Minister in a family death gathering in Kiuva Village last weekend.

He advised firstly to keep our places clean, all overgrown grass to be cut, rubbish disposed properly and try keeping clean.

Secondly the kids were the main carriers of this disease and we need to get our places clean because our children use these areas as playing grounds. Kids touch everything they see and happen to touch themselves in the nose, mouth and eyes. This is one way the disease accumulates.

I believe the medical people should have their thinking caps on because meningococcal has been here for quite some time and there is no solution found yet, and before that stage we need to start preventing it from spreading through awareness. As the Health Ministry has mentioned, boarding schools are likely areas that it could spread so easily; are there any precautionary measures in place or are we just waiting until an outbreak is uncontrollable?

We Fiji need to check our areas. Are they clean for our children?

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