MenC training for north nurses

Nurses attend to patients at the Makoi Health Centre. The National Federation Party says if elected, it will Implement a national health insurance. Picture: FT FILE

Nurses in the north will soon be the focus of MenC training to be conducted by the Family Health Unit. Picture: FT FILE

WHILST the rollout of the mass vaccination for Meningococcal disease (Men-C) is carried out in the Central division and Ra subdivision, the Family Health team would also be conducting training for the nurses in the northern division.

A statement from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services stated that the country-wide mass immunisation campaign was progressing well.

National Advisor for the Family Health Unit, Dr Torika Tamani in the statement said similar training’s would also be held in Western and Eastern division.

Dr Tamani said the vaccines were safe and vital for the immunisation of the targeted group which is 1-19 years to get vaccinated.

“The Men C vaccine is safe and effective it has been licensed for use in countries like Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

“The vaccination program will target meningococcal C because this is the type of bacteria that is causing this outbreak in Fiji.

Dr Tukana said health workers would continue work to immunise the children and adolescents across Fiji, with the campaign initially focusing on the most at risk groups.

“The initial focus is for the Central Division and Ra Subdivisions in the west and then it will continue throughout the country until all children within the ages 1 to 19 years receive their vaccinations.”

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