Men perform role to celebrate Father’s Day

The congregation of Methodist Church in Suva during the Father's Day celebration last month. Picture: RAMA

TO become a father is a blessing from God.

This was highlighted by Centenery Methodist Church in Fiji talatala and the general secretary for the Fiji Council of Churches, Iliesa Naivalu after a group of men from the church performed a role play to mark and celebrate Father’s Day yesterday.

Mr Naivalu said the role play depicted the theme of how we could all turn back to God.

“In the drama, we are depicting that if we all turn back to God, each family, starting from the fathers and grandfathers, Fiji will become better,” he said.

“It’s no use thinking of economy and commerce and moving forward when we all have these kinds of crimes and problems, so the church is very concerned that we depict it in a drama, it brings more meaning apart from preaching and talking.”

He said fathers were created with a responsibility to look after their own families and the world.

“We were created with the responsibility of looking after the world, to be the custodians of the world and to look after our children. But we must go to church first and we also appreciate the roles played by our wives and also our children,” he said.

He said all fathers were commanded by God to be a godly figure and to also have a heart of service.

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