Men-C vaccines safe

MINISTER for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar has assured members of the public that the meningococcal C vaccines are safe for everyone.

She said the men-C vaccination administered to students of Navesau Adventist High School in Tailevu was the quadrivalent ACWY conjugate vaccine menactra which was also used in Fiji last year to safely and effectively contain an outbreak for meningococcal C at the St John’s College in Cawaci on Ovalau.

“Yes, it is safe for everybody,” she said.

Ms Akbar said there were no complications or complaints received by the ministry with regards to the vaccines.

“This is the same vaccines that were given to the students in St John’s last year and there were no complications.

“This vaccine was given worldwide so when it was given to the St John’s students last time we didn’t have any complication.”

A statement released by the ministry on Wednesday stated that the menactra vaccine was a proven preventative to the spread of meningococcal C.

The ministry has urged all Fijians to help create clean, hygienic environments at home, schools and other communal spaces to help prevent the spread of meningococcal C and other bacterial diseases in Fiji.

It has also urged anyone experiencing the symptoms of meningococcal C to immediately visit a nearest health facility.

The ministry said there had been a total of 38 cases from January 1 to March 29, 2018.

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