Men-C subsidy

THE Ministry of Health and Medical Services is quiet on plans to subsidise the meningococcal C vaccine.

Health Minister Rosy Akbar said the ministry was focused on getting children vaccinated.

“I cannot make a comment now as we are trying to work out our plan. Our priority right now is to get our children vaccinated especially in those areas where we found confirmed cases of meningococcal C,” she said.

Ms Akbar said they would also be visiting boarding schools in the country.

“Teams are on the ground and will also be going out to other boarding schools because we have found that it is common with boarding schools like last year.

“We will be monitoring other boarding schools to see that they maintain best hygiene practices. Yesterday, more than two thirds of the boarders at the Navesau Adventist High School were vaccinated.

“Today is the first vaccination for the first lot of students. It went on very successfully and we are waiting for some students to get back. So the team will be here until next week Monday and we will try to vaccinate all the children,” Ms Akbar said yesterday.

She said for people to purchase these vaccines, they would need to ensure the vaccines were kept within the required room temperature.

“But obviously when they have it purchased, they will be advised as to what room temperature the vaccine needs to be kept in.

“We will talk with our team as to how best we can advise the public when they purchase it from the pharmacies. They need to be recommended by a private doctor obviously for their personal use but should they bring the vaccines to our hospitals, we will be able to administer it to them,” she added.

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