Memorial service held for missing Bua fishermen

Matelita Ratucoko with her grandchildren and a picture of their father, Emeri Ratucoko. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

FAMILIES of the two fishermen who never returned from their fishing trip on Easter weekend have held their memorial church service.

The families of Losio Vulai, 64, and Emeri Ratucoko, 57, gathered at Makolei Village in Bua on Tuesday to farewell their loved ones.

Although the families are still hopeful, believing the two are still alive, the service was organised according to tradition.

But Matelita Ratucoko (Ratucoko’s wife) remains faithful and believes her husband is still alive.

She said their midnight prayers had not stopped despite the memorial service.

“Every night at midnight, I sit with my children and grandchildren pleading for our dad’s life asking God to keep him safe wherever he is,” she said.

“We still believe that God is in control and His will be done. This Friday, we will also organise a service and gathering here at Vuya Village for our dad.

“It’s because we have families who have come over, but my heart believes in the impossible.”

Noela Nane, the wife of Vulai, said she would continue to pray for her husband.

“The two men are first cousins and even though we told our dad not to go fishing that Easter Saturday, he went ahead,” she said.

“However, we remain positive and will continue to commit their lives to God because He is in control.”

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