‘Meetings important’

VILLAGE headmen in Macuata have been reminded of the importance of village and district meetings being a development platform for rural villages.

District officer Macuata Asesela Biutiviti said the meetings were important to identify the needs of people at the grassroots and to gauge their needs.

He reminded village headmen that their roles were important in communicating these to government officials during district meetings.

According to Mr Biutiviti, many times Government was only aware of the people’s plight when they lodged complaints in their desperation to get their voices heard.

He said this was why village headmen played a key role in ensuring that village meetings were conducted daily so they could keep track of what villagers needed.

Most of the times, he said those meetings were taken lightly and never held at all because people failed to realise its importance in the processes of development.

In its effort to ensure these meetings are conducted daily, Mr Biutiviti said Government would this year require village headmen to submit minutes of their village meetings with their reports before they were paid.

Mr Biutiviti said this requirement would prove to Government that village headmen were performing their roles in conducting village meetings.

He also urged village headmen to appoint their own development committees as a means of seriously overlooking development projects in villages.

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