Meet your players

Name: Sally Yee

Age: 16

Sports: Table Tennis

Where are you from: Rabi Island, Fiji

Marital status: Single

Profession: Student

Dream: Olympics 2020

Favourite quote: “Never give up” (Winston Churchill)

Favourite sportsperson: Melissa Tapper

Favourite actor: The Rock

Favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Favourite food: Broccoli and tomato soup

What do you like about your sport: A sport for everyone.

Name: Philip Wing

Age: 22

Sports: Table Tennis

Where are you from: Lau

Marital status: Single

Dream: 2020 Olympic Games

Favourite quote: “Be who you are and make use of the talent that God has blessed you with” (Anonymous)

Favourite sportsperson: John Cena

Favourite actress: Jennifer Lopez

Favourite food: Sea food

What do you like about your sport: It’s fun.

Name: Jone Davule Koroilagilagi

Age: 21

Sport: Boxing

Where are you from: Natauloa Nairai Lomaiviti

Marital status: Single

Dream: To be an Olympian

Favourite quote: “Never give up, don’t look at what is in front of the mountain, look at what is at the back of the mountain” (Anonymous)

Favourite sportsperson: Manny Pacquiao

Favourite actor: Jason Statham

Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie

Favourite food: Fish and chips

What do you like about boxing? It’s a real man’s sport and also for self defence.

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