Medivac tragedy: Dad says daughter would cling to brother’s clothes and cry

Toga Kalougata weeps for his wife at the memorial site in Navetau, Saqani. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

AS she prepares to farewell her mum tomorrow, five-year-old Anaseini Kalougata contacted her dad, Toga Kalougata yesterday morning and gave her final request: “Ta, qai loloma yani vei na” (Dad, give my love to mum).

Her mum, Taraivosa Kacilala who died following a helicopter crash in Natewa Bay two Fridays ago, will be laid to rest tomorrow in Taveuni.

After hearing the news that her mum and baby brother Epeli Jeremiah did not make it to the Labasa Hospital, her dad said Anaseini would take out EJ’s clothes (Epeli Jeremiah as he is known for), hold it tightly and cry.

Read the full report in today’s edition of The Fiji Times.

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