Medicine shortage

THERE is a shortage of all basic medicines in the country’s hospitals and health centres.

Heath Minister Jone Usamate confirmed this during an interview with this newspaper yesterday.

According to Mr Usamate there was a shortage of paracetamol, penicillin, flucloxacillin, ceferixone, amoxicillin in all health centres and hospitals all over the country.

He said the shortage of medicine was an ongoing issue which the ministry had been dealing with for quite some time.

“It is an issue that we will look into, the process by which we get information, people that supply the medicine and their supply chain issue,” Mr Usamate said.

He said they had been receiving complaints and queries from the public on the issue and they were trying their best to tackle it.

“It’s a problem that has been in the ministry for a very long time and it’s a complicated issue and there has been a lot of discussion on this issue and a number of things that we are targeting to address this.”

To address the issue, he said the ministry was working on a major project with other stakeholders to ensure that shortage of medicine did not occur again.

“I will try my best and make sure that all the hospitals and health centres are provided with all these medicines,” he said.

One of the Government’s initiatives this year is the introduction of the free medicine program.