Medical group starts third mission in Labasa

Labasa Hospital staff members attend a training from the FOFH team. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

AUCKLAND based ‘Friends of Fiji Health’ (FOFH) medical group officially began its third medical mission at the Labasa Hospital this morning.

In its ninth year of operations the medical group’s chairman, Rajesh Chaudhary said he was delighted with the progress that had been made at Labasa Hospital through FOFH missions over the past three years.

“We are in our ninth year of operations and have been privileged to support Fiji’s health system in material ways including facilitating the transfer of highly complex laparoscopic towers, related technology and medical supplies,” he said.

Head of the mission Doctor Sunil Pillay said FOFH had developed it approach to serving Fiji to a point where, in addition to treating complex cases, the focus now was on developing the skills of Fiji’s own medical professionals.

FOFH is a New Zealand registered charity made of former Fijian medical personnel dedicated to providing gynaecological, surgical and medical services in Fiji in partnership with the Fiji Government.