‘Media either muzzled or lost our trust’

Opposition MP Lenora Salusalu Qereqeretabua delivering her maiden speech in Parliament this morning. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJIAN PARLIAMENT FACEBOOK

OUR media is either muzzled or has lost our trust, says Opposition member of Parliament Lenora Qereqeretabua.

Ms Qereqeretabua, while delivering her maiden speech in Parliament yesterday, said the media provided a vital role in discerning fact from fiction and reporting thereof from a neutral, unbiased perspective.

She said misinformation mattered because media outlets had great power.

“They shape the way we understand the world and, ultimately, drive our behaviour. It is no exaggeration to say that their activity can have life-and-death implications.

“We assume expertise as well as a professional attitude on the part of the journalists, the providers of our news. This assumption implies something that is of even more value than expertise and professionalism.”

Ms Qereqeretabua also talked about leadership in the country.

She said when the leadership was fair, compassionate and led with love, it would be reflected in its citizens.

“Having watched the interjections, aping and other behaviour on show in this house over the last four years, I cannot help but be reminded of a school-yard bully and the obligatory gaggle of buddies, always jostling for an approving pat on their backs.

“Just about everyone I speak to hopes that we will be better behaved over the next four years.

“That should be easy to do if we keep in mind always who put us here and why, and who pays our salaries.”

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