Media companies face $50k fine

ONLINE media companies that may breach the guidelines of the Online Safety Bill will face a fine of $50,000, a prison sentence not exceeding seven years for directors and executives and the company may be closed down.

Ashneel Sudhakar, chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights, said the Bill would promote responsible online behaviour.

“So it sends out a strong message to the people of Fiji that there are laws to protect the rights of people,” he said during a consultation in Labasa on Friday evening.

“When people post anything on Facebook, even about stories that are not true, people take it as gospel truth, but now this Bill can protect us because we can pursue such matters in court. We can ask for compensation of damages and the court can order for the removal of the post. The accused will need to remove it even if the Facebook company does not remove it.”

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