Measles outbreak: Fiji sporting tournaments postponed

Measles vaccine Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FILE

THE measles outbreak faced in Fiji that has been a threat in the Pacific for the past few weeks has forced various national sporting management to call for the postponement of many local tournaments and events.

Fiji National Sports Commission CEO Peter Mazey, Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee CEO Lorraine Mar, Fiji and the Pacific’s first World Rugby Council member Cathy Wong and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Permanent Secretary Maritino Nemani were all present at a press conference to advise of this decision – that all sporting tournaments and competitions be postponed until next year.

The FNSC is determined to put health and safety first after the Ministry of Health and Medical Services released the 10th update requesting the avoidance of holding or attending large gatherings of people, especially in the Central Division.

“Measles can spread very easily among large groups of people if they are not immune, who can take the disease back into their communities”.

Nemani urges members of the public to take precaution measures of avoiding the spread of the measles to other parts of the country.

“We don’t have the power or law to stop anyone from running their tournaments or events but we would like to ask you that the safety of our citizens is paramount and it’s better to be proactive and exercise wisdom,” said Nemani.

Mazey hopes all sporting organisations gather at the FMF Gymnasium on Friday at 1pm to clarify more on the issue.

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