Means to earn an income

Sugar Minister Charan Jeath Singh chats with canefarmers of Lagalaga, Macuata. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

Minister for Sugar Charan Jeath Singh last week gave 15 brush cutters to villagers in Macuata and Cakaudrove as a token of thanks for their support over the years.

The brushcutters, Mr Singh said was not Government funded but his own personal funding spent on the machines to economically empower villagers.

Village headmen from the different villages who received the equipment described the gifts as a blessing because many couldn’t afford.

Dogoru village elder Semi Radradra said they would use the machine to generate income for the village.

“We will charge $5 per family if they want to use the machine but we will have only a few people to handle it,” he said.

“This money, will then be deposited into the village funds to help us with other obligations.

“Mr Singh has always helped us many times over the past years even before going to Parliament.

“The money collected from this machine can also be used to buy parts when needed for the brush cutter.”

Lekutulevu Village headman Josefa Biraki said they were excited about the gift because many villagers didn’t own one.

“So we will use this for the villagers and if they need to pay then we will discuss this ensuring that it benefits all.”

Yaro Village headman Kemueli Lautiki said this was not the first gift from Mr Singh.

“He has always helped us from the past many years and we are very grateful for this assistance.”

Mr Singh told the villagers that this would not be the last form of assistance but many more would come.

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