McCully keeps out of politics

MEMBERS of the Opposition met and discussed issues with New Zealand’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Murray McCully yesterday, but steered away from discussing the suspended National Federation Party.

Mr McCully said the New Zealand Government studiously avoided getting involved with domestic politics.

He met yesterday with deputy Opposition Whip Salote Radrodro and Opposition members Sela Nanovo, Viliame Gavoka and Mika Leawere.

Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa was unable to attend.

Speaking to the media following the meeting, Mr Gavoka said Mr McCully was simply being a good neighbour.

“The minister was very careful not to involve himself in domestic politics, but if you go back in our history, he has been the leader of the ministerial groups so he understands what is happening,” Mr Gavoka said. “But like any good neighbour, he doesn’t involve himself in the domestic situation in Fiji.”

Mr McCully said it was important that New Zealand built relationships across parties and parliaments.

“We try and ensure the work we are doing with countries in the development space is work that is understood by all political parties,” he said.

“Most importantly, this is an important phase of development for Fiji in the sense that you have a relatively new Parliament, you are trying to build the strength of that institution and the other institutions that work around the Parliament.

“New Zealand, both directly and through organisations like the UNDP, has been part of that process and continues to be a part of that process so talking to the Opposition has been part of my visit.”

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