Master plan

A 90-YEAR-OLD man who was involved in the development of a master plan for Singapore will soon be in the country to assist in the review of development plans for Suva and the Western Division.

This was the revelation by Local Government Minister Parveen Kumar during a groundbreaking ceremony for a sports complex in Lautoka on Wednesday.

“Just two weeks ago, I was with my team in Singapore and we were so fortunate to meet a person who was involved in doing a master plan for Singapore,” Mr Kumar said.

“And he has kindly agreed to come to Fiji to do a master plan for the Suva Greater Area and West Greater Area.”

The minister said despite his age, the nonagenarian was still heavily involved in engineering assignments.

“He is coming either at the end of April or first week of May because he is very committed.

“We are going to have his assistance in doing a master plan. This does not mean we don’t have a master plan.

“We have them but our municipal councils master plans need to be reviewed. We need to have a plan for the next 50 years.

“Any individual or investor should know where the commercial lots are located and where industrial lots are placed so that it is easier for them to decide where they want their investment.”

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